April 17, 2015

Utica Camera Club monthly competition winners may be viewed at the Utica Public Library

April 17, 2015
Judge:  John Danella

Assigned Topics – Events
1st – Feria, Paul Kidder
2nd – Air Show, Paul Kidder
3rd – MWP Auto Show, Charles Miller
HM – City-Slicker Cyclist Captivates Locals, Connie Bocko
HM – Horsing Around, Jan Coffin
HM – Great American Irish Fest, Jim Kennedy

Open Color
1st – Utica, Kathy Larrabee
2nd – Wired Up, Jan Coffin
3rd – Under the Tulips, Jim Kennedy
HM – Blow Job, Jan Coffin
HM – Torres del Panes Patagonia, Sherry Wright

Open Black & White
1st – Snowy Patterns, Connie Bocko
2nd – Abstract Qualities, Connie Bocko
3rd – Lonely Swing, Rhondalee Spiros
HM – Reflecting Swamp, Jim Kennedy
HM – Closed for the Winter, Chris Spiros

Peoples’ Choice:
Pit Talk, Connie Bocko