October 21, 2016

Utica Camera Club monthly competition winners may be viewed at the Utica Public Library

Judge Melissa Cavo

Assigned Topic:  Flowers

1st – “Fiery Detail”  Connie Bocko
2nd – “Fading Glory” Connie Bocko
3rd – “Poppy” Margaret Brenner
HM – “A Prickly Situation” Jan Coffin
HM – “Fuschia”Christina Schubert

Open Color

1st – “Reflected Fall Colors” Sherry Wright
2nd – “Lake Calm” Chris Spiros
3rd – “Baby Face” Jan Coffin
HM – “Wedding Day” Kathy Larrabee
HM – “True Love and…” Christina Schubert

Open Black & White

1st – “Dragon Fly” Margaret Brenner
2nd – “Not Paul’s Untitled”  Jim Kennedy
3rd – “Untitled 10-02“ Paul Kidder
HM – “Occupied” Connie Bocko
HM – “Overwhelmed at Baggage Pickup” Connie Bocko

Peoples’ Choice
A Prickly Situation,” Jan Coffin