2016 – 2017 Season Year End Winners

Utica Camera Club monthly competition winners may be viewed at the Utica Public Library

Print of the Year:

Life” Terry Anne Delude


1st – “A Bun in the Oven” Jan Coffin
2nd – “Surfs Up” Jan Coffin
3rd – “Montage” Margaret Brenner
HM – “Cardiac Shadow” Jan Coffin
HM – “Technicolor Tilly” – Jan Coffin
HM – “Pick a Pair” Jan Coffin
HM – “Colgate Willow Path” Margaret Brenner
HM – “Motion” Margaret Brenner


1st – “Buckaroo” – Jan Coffin
2nd – “Fading Glory” Connie Bocko
3rd – “Hello” Tom McCarthy
HM – “Collapsed” Jan Coffin
HM – “Fiery Detail” Connie Bocko
HM – “Saddle Back Farms” Connie Bocko
HM – “Space Flowers” Jan Coffin
HM – “Shadows Under Bridge” Sherry Wright


1st – “Life” Terry Anne Delude
2nd – “Riders and Shadow” Connie Bocko
3rd – “Party Pooper” Jan Coffin
HM – “Untitled 0301” Paul Kidder
HM – “Dragon Fly” Margaret Brenner
HM – “See Through” Jan Coffin
HM – “Laced With Ice” Sherry Wright
HM – “Social Media” Jan Coffin