September 18, 2015

Assigned Topic: Portraits
1st – “Downhill Racer” Margaret Brenner
2nd – “Lost in Concentration” Connie Bocko
3rd – “Untitled 4-15” Paul Kidder
HM – “Bright Eyes” Kathy Larrabee
HM – “Wisp of Hair” Kathy Larrabee
HM – “A Girl and Her Puppy” Rhondalee Spiros

Open Black & White
1st – “What are You Looking at?” Jan Coffin
2nd – “Caution” Tom McCarthy
3rd – “The Glen” Chris Spiros
HM – “Herkimer County Fair” Margaret Brenner
HM – “The Stanley” Margaret Brenner

Open Color
1st – “City Reflection” Chris Spiros
2nd – “Street Photographer” Connie Bocko
3rd – “Stairs with Balcony” Connie Bocko
HM – “American Manufacturing” Margaret Brenner
HM – “Sunset on Fourth Lake” Sherry Wright