November 20, 2015

Judge: Nancy Ford

Assigned Topic: Still Life
1st – “Pink Pumps” Jan Coffin
2nd – “Untitled 11-03“ Paul Kidder
3rd – “My Cherries” Deirdre Purdy
HM – “Still Life with Fishing Poles” Connie Bocko
HM – “Flag and Chair” Connie Bocko
HM – “Landing Pad” Jan Coffin

Open Black & White
1st – “Joy of Running” Connie Bocko
2nd – “Hamilton Wetland” Margaret Brenner
3rd – “Nothing to See Here” Tom McCarthy
HM – “Dynamic Duo” Jan Coffin
HM – “Blow-Out“ Sherry Wright

Open Color
1st – “Finger Lickin’ Good” Jan Coffin11
2nd – “Old Wood” Terry Delude
3rd – “Escalator” Christina Shubert
HM – “Life on a Balcony” Deirdre Purdy
HM – “Devils Trumpet” Christina Schubert
HM – “Beach Bound” Rhondalee Spiros

People’s Choice: “Landing Pad” Jan Coffin