January 15, 2016

Judge: Todd Behrendt

Assigned: Photojournalism
1st- “Off the Grid” Penny Strong-Collins
2nd- “Pond Skimmer” Connie Bocko
3rd- “Untitled 1-04” Paul KIdder
HM- “Dedication, Determination and Love” Jim Kennedy
HM- “ALZ Buddies” Penny Strong-Collins

1st – ‘Watering Hole” Jan Coffin
2nd -“Hot Lips” Jan Coffin
3rd – “Windwings” Polly Held
HM – “Driftwood on Oneida Lake,” Polly Held
HM – “Sentinel Tree” Sherry Wright

Black and White
1st- “Highway to Heaven” Jan Coffin
2nd- “Untitled 1-01 Paul Kidder
3rd- “Waiting” Chris Spiros
HM- “Fixer Upper” Jim Kennedy
HM- “An Oarsman” Chris Spiros

Peoples’ Choice:Talking Shop,” Rhondalee Spiros