February 19, 2016

Judge: Melissa Cava

Assigned (All Creatures Great and Small)
1st– “Open Farm Day” Margaret Brenner
2nd– “Untitled 2-04” Paul Kidder
3rd– “Blending In ” Dorothy Neumann
HM– “My Pal”, Chris Spiros
HM– “A Lovely Snack” Rhondalee Spiros
HM– “Wild Banker Ponies at Sunrise” Sherry Wright
HM– “Blue Skies and Palms” Kathy Larrabee

1st – “Bright as the Sun” Kathy Larrabee
2nd -“Exam Week” Margaret Brenner
3rd – “Not Ready Yet” Jim Kennedy
HM – “Untitled 02-02” Paul Kidder
HM – “Pod” Tom McCarthy

Black and White
1st– “The Old Screen Door” Jim Kennedy
2nd– “Yucca”: Christina Schubert
3rd– “Untitled 2-01” Paul Kidder
HM– “Boat and Boat House” Connie Bocko
HM– “Flight of Fantasy” Jan Coffin

Peoples’ Choice:
A Lovely Snack,” Rhondalee Spiros, “Bookends,” Connie Bocko