May 20, 2016

Judge: Steve Marsh

ASSIGNED (Expressions/Emotions)

    1st– “Sylvan Beach” Margaret Brenner
    2nd– “Stuck in Time Out” Tom McCarthy
    3rd– “Sharing the Love” Kathy Larrabee
    HM– “The Fear Factor” Jan Coffin
    HM– “Untitled 5-04” Paul Kidder
    HM– “Pure Joy” Rhondalee Spiros


   1st – “Moonrise at Sunset” Sherry Wright
   2nd -“The Edge” Tom McCarthy
   3rd -“Beginning of the End” Tom McCarthy
   HM -“Ready for Winter” Connie Bocko
HM – “Peek-a-Boo Pig” Rhondalee Spiros


   1st– “BIrdman” Polly Held
   2nd-“Untitled 5-01” Paul Kidder
   3rd– “Caught in a Bind” Jan Coffin
   HM-“Layered Landscape” Connie Bocko
   HM– “Yucca” Christina Schubert

Peoples Choice:
Pure Joy, Rhondalee Spiros
Recognition, Polly Held