2013-2014 End of Year Competition Results

2013-2014  End of Year Competition Results

Open Color
1st – Christina Schubert, Street Geometry
2nd – Christina Schubert, Electricity
3rd – Jan Coffin, Food for All
HM – Jan Coffin, Quadruplets
HM – Jennifer DeVenezia, South Shore Road
HM – Chris Spiros, Erin’s Parade
HM – Dorothy Newman, Turn Ahead

1st – Paul Kidder, Untitled 54
2nd – Jan Coffin, Sisters
3rd – Connie Bocko, Early Start
HM – Connie Bocko, Dark Rider
HM – Connie Bocko, Clouds Rising
HM – Margaret Brenner, Curious #0066
HM – Jan Coffin, Running Rust

Open Black and White
1st – Margaret Brenner, Munnsville Fireman Fair
2nd – Margaret Brenner, Styrofoam Madonna
3rd – Jan Coffin, Veins
HM – Margaret Brenner, Basket Maker
HM – Margaret Brenner,Tractor Seat
HM – Kathy Larrabee, Under Water
HM – Jennifer DeVenezia, Birds on a Wire